Platelet-Rich Plasma

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Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a nutrient-rich treatment that eliminates under-eye bags and reverses signs of aging for a more youthful complexion. The minimally invasive treatment harnesses the power of your own blood by extracting nutrients to naturally regenerate your skin and promote new cell growth. Although wrinkles and under-eye bags are a natural part of aging, they can change your complexion and increase your perceived age. The good news is, that you do not have to settle for them.

Dr. Paul Phelps, an oculofacial surgeon and member of the Oculofacial Society based in Chicago has decades of experience helping patients restore their skin for a more youthful, radiant complexion they feel good about. You do not have to live with signs of facial aging. PRP treatments have transformed thousands of lives and our team will create a customized plan to help you meet your beauty goals.

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About PRP

Platelet-rich plasma treatments use the nutrients from your blood to regenerate your skin and promote new cell growth. As you age, the collagen levels in your skin decline, leading to pronounced under-eye bags, wrinkles, and fine lines. Although collagen supplements can support your skin and delay the effects of aging, the pull of gravity on your skin will accelerate the appearance of facial aging.

PRP is a minimally invasive treatment with many benefits for patients who need a solution to the first signs of aging. Although facial aging is genetic, sun exposure, pollution, smoking, diet, and alcohol use can accelerate it. (1) The powerful treatment can reduce hyperpigmentation, stimulate collagen production, and reduce inflammation. With PRP treatments, we can:

  • Reduce signs of aging: Our PRP treatments are one of the most effective and natural solutions for under-eye circles and crow’s feet. The nutrient-rich plasma will help your skin regenerate, resulting in new cells that erase dark under-eye circles (periorbital hyperpigmentation) for a significantly brighter under-eye appearance (2) and a more youthful look. We can also erase facial wrinkles and fine lines with our powerful PRP treatments.
  • Improve skin quality: If you have acne scars that have changed the texture of your skin or you struggle with hyperpigmentation, a PRP treatment will help you achieve smoother skin for a younger, clearer appearance. The treatment stimulates collagen and improves skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Promote hair and skin regeneration: With PRP treatments, we can promote new hair growth to help patients who are struggling with hair loss. The plasma stimulates hair follicle growth for a natural look that does not require hair transplant surgery for powerful results.

Emcyte PurePRP® System

The PurePRP® GS30 Pure II treatment is a clinically proven processing protocol that extracts cellular components from your blood for a nutrient-rich treatment with powerful results. A fusion of white blood cells (neutrophils) accelerates your skin’s regenerative processes for anti-aging benefits. The innovative technology used to create the kit ensures the best, most potent serum is extracted to help you achieve effective results that transform your skin from the inside out.

PRP Benefits

A PRP treatment is one of the most effective ways to restore your complexion. They are:

  • Minimally invasive
  • Fast, well-tolerated treatments
  • Anesthesia-free with no downtime
  • Regenerative at a cellular level
  • Long-lasting
  • Anti-aging

PRP Candidates & Consultation

If you are struggling with acne scars, under-eye bags, wrinkles, fine lines, and changes to the texture or tone of your skin from aging, a PRP treatment will revitalize your appearance for long-lasting results and a more youthful look. Since this treatment harnesses the power of your own blood, the best candidates are those who do not have blood conditions or other medical conditions that could affect their results.

Facial Rejuvenation Without Synthetics

Many patients prefer PRP treatments over common injectables like Botox and fillers because you do not need synthetics to restore your skin. Although these injectables may be ideal for patients who have blood conditions that prevent them from having PRP treatments, they require more maintenance because they do not rejuvenate your skin at a cellular level.


During your consultation, Dr. Phelps will examine your skin to determine the best treatment plan. We will also ask about your expectations, medical history, and lifestyle to determine whether or not a PRP treatment is a good fit for you. Dr. Phelps will assess your skin care goals and your desired look to develop a customized treatment plan that suits your needs.

How to Prepare for a PRP Treatment

Platelet-Rich Plasma

To prepare for your PRP treatment, you may need to stop using retinoids. You will need to take good care of your skin before your treatment to prevent skin damage that could delay your treatment. Please arrive at the office with a clean face (no makeup or skincare products) and wear comfortable clothing for the PRP treatment.

PRP Treatment Procedure

During a PRP treatment, we will draw a few vials of your blood and purify it in a centrifuge for 3-5 times the standard plasma concentration; (3) the extract has anti-aging nutrients that create that powerful sought-after radiance. We will use a very thin needle to inject the PRP treatment beneath your skin in areas where you would like to erase fine lines, wrinkles, and under-eye bags.

PRP Treatment Recovery

During your recovery from a PRP treatment, you will need to avoid sun exposure and take good care of your skin. You may see some minor irritation around the injection site for the first 1-2 days after the procedure. However, this will quickly subside as your skin adjusts to the treatment. You will see gradual improvements in your skin over the next six months as the PRP works to promote cellular regeneration.

PRP Treatment Results

After a PRP treatment, you can enjoy smoother, more youthful-looking skin with long-lasting results. Dark under-eye circles will fade away, and you will see the treatment diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Since PRP enhances your skin naturally, you will see it continue to improve over the next six months for a more youthful appearance.

Corresponding Treatments


Upper blepharoplasty, lower blepharoplasty, and quad blepharoplasty reduce the effects of aging and sagging in the eyelids. Also known as an eyelid lift, this procedure can create a more alert, younger-looking appearance in the upper face. While the upper eyelid lift is suitable for drooping upper lids, a lower eyelid lift is a solution to puffiness and under-eye hollowing. Dr. Phelps can customize your treatment plan to your unique needs and may use CO2 laser treatment or PRP to enhance your results.

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation treatments turn back the clock by erasing wrinkles and fine lines that distort your appearance. The long-lasting treatment reverses sun damage and includes a CO2 resurfacing laser to renew your complexion at the deepest levels. Although underlying factors such as nutrition and lifestyle affect the quality of your skin, age-related collagen decline is difficult to treat at home. Our professional skin rejuvenation procedures will help you achieve the look you desire and take years off of your appearance.


Our Morpheus8 treatments can quickly restore your skin for a non-invasive facelift with long-lasting results. During this radiofrequency microneedling treatment, we will apply the special handpiece to stimulate collagen production and tighten your skin for a rejuvenated appearance. We can reduce the appearance of rosacea, acne, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles in under an hour with results that last six months or longer. If you would like to improve your skin without long incisions, a Morpheus8 treatment is one of the best alternatives to a facelift. To learn more about our corresponding treatments, see the blog.

The Cost of PRP in Chicago

The cost of your PRP treatment will depend on the type of treatment you need and the area you would like to treat. We will provide an all-inclusive quote based on your skincare goals and whether or not you need corresponding treatments to meet your needs. Contact our office or call (312) 888-5754 to schedule your consultation with Chicago Oculofacial Plastic Surgery and learn more about how our team can help you reach your skincare goals.


Is PRP safe?

Yes, PRP is a safe and well-tolerated treatment that uses the natural nutrients in your body to rejuvenate and regenerate your skin for a more youthful complexion with long-lasting results.

Can I reverse severe wrinkles with PRP treatments?

PRP treatments are best for mild to moderate wrinkles, but during your consultation, we will examine your skin to determine whether or not your wrinkles can be treated with PRP.

Can I use PRP as a non-invasive facelift?

Although PRP does help you achieve a more youthful appearance, the treatment is not a non-invasive facelift. We offer several other procedures that can lift your skin naturally if you are interested in non-invasive options for facelifts and restoring your appearance.

How long does PRP for skin rejuvenation last?

The longevity of PRP results can vary depending on individual factors, such as age and lifestyle choices. In general, patients can expect their results to last up to 12 months or longer. Periodic booster treatments may be recommended to maintain optimal outcomes.


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