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sharon cole

Very happy with everything from start to finish on my lower blepharoplasty . Dr. Phelps and Maria are both wonderful and take the time to answer truthfully all questions and concerns you may have. Surgery not painful and thrilled with my results. Dr. Phelps is direct and does not misrepresent what one can expect. My research definitely paid off and would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Phelps....your eyes are too important to trust to a general plastic surgeon versus the best oculofacial plastic surgeon.

Laura Sandoval

My upper eyelids were sagging very badly. I had a blepharoplasty and my brow lifted. The procedure was performed in the office. I was surprised at how painless the recovery was. I am so happy with the results of my procedure. Dr. Phelps is a perfectionist, which is exactly who you want working on your face.

Asmahan Jaber

So happy with my results! Don’t know why I waited too long . The process from beginning to end was nothing like what I expected, it was painless and Dr . Phelps and Maria answered every question and concern I had . I felt so confident in this doctor after seeing so many others and debating to travel to have this done by top rated surgeons in the world . Trust me this doctor is top and I was not disappointed with my results!

Marisa Perry

Absolutely amazing experience from start to wonderful and beautiful finish! Could not be happier with the results! I look even better than I had hoped and you truly cannot see any evidence of the surgery other than the amazing results. You can actually see my eyes when I smile! The ONLY thing I would change is having the surgery performed years ago with Dr. Phelps.

I located Dr. Phelps from extensive research and consulting with friends in the medical field on the absolute best for blepharoplasty. I then visited multiple surgeons before deciding on the practice. Dr. Phelps was the only surgeon who took a very close look at my eyes (!) and talked about eye health, not just the aesthetic results. I felt 100% comfortable knowing that not only was this his specialty, but that he and his amazing team were the absolute best. They did not disappoint!

I have always been self-conscious of my droopy eyelids. As I’ve gotten older, the droop got more pronounced and uneven. You could not even see my eyes when I smiled and could never tell if I was wearing eye make-up (which just ended up smeared if I wore it). Everyone commented on how tired I looked, even when I was well-rested. I had been thinking about getting the surgery for years and finally decided after finding Dr. Phelps that it was time and that he was the person I wanted to perform the surgery.

I had a bilateral upper blepharoplasty and internal browpexy to help the results last longer. I was conscious for the entire procedure which took about an hour, and I went home immediately after. I have never used contacts or had any corrective glasses (other than readers as I’ve gotten older), so was pretty uncomfortable with the idea of “things in my eyes” but Dr. Phelps and Maria talked me through the entire procedure and they could not have been more wonderful. I felt 100% comfortable in their care.

The method that he uses, a CO2 laser, was really incredible. It minimized the scarring and shortened my recovery time drastically from what I had anticipated before I talked with Dr. Phelps. The recovery was surprisingly fast. I iced as instructed, and limited salt and alcohol (at Thanksgiving no less), used the ointment for my very small stitches and really saw the difference right away. I was able to work almost immediately after surgery and even had zoom calls a few days later. I was only swollen for a week or so and the bruising went away with time and with arnica gel (talk to the team about their new products for post-surgery recovery….amazing!). One week after surgery, I had very little swelling and some limited bruising. Two and a half weeks after surgery, I was in New York and no one could tell I had just had surgery on my eyes! I will share my recovery photos with Dr. Phelps and you can see them on his instagram site.

I finally look on the outside like I felt on the inside. It’s made all the difference and I cannot recommend Dr. Phelps highly enough.


Thrilled with my chalazion removal. The numbing shot was shockingly painless and recovery was exactly Dr. Phelps described. He was attentive to my concerns pre-procedure and was responsive to any questions I had. I feel confident and beautiful again! Thank you Dr. Phelps!

Martha Galan

I had an eye surgery last week with Paul Phelps. He did a wonderful job, very informative about the procedure. The surgery was fast and painless. His staff is very kind and friendly. Highly recommend this doctor.

Barbara Weiss

Dr Phelps helped me through a difficult blepharoplasty revision surgery. I had been treated by another doctor twice with disfiguring results. He was kind, compassionate and very experienced in this procedure. I am so happy with the results. His staff held him in high regard, as well.

Nancy Massa

I recently had a procedure with Dr. Phelps for drooping eyelids and honestly - it was amazing. The bruising and redness lasted about 1.5 weeks. After that I was able to apply make-up and effectively cover any remaining evidence of the surgery.
Now I am left with a much younger appearance and truly better peripheral vision.
I would recommend Dr. Phelps to anyone considering this surgery. He is a kind and talented doctor with a great staff.

Julia & David Bart

I have had two procedures w Dr Phelps! He is amazing! I am thrilled with the results! Dr. Phelps is accessible and took the time to make sure I understood the procedure. His staff is professional, helpful and on time. I highly recommend Dr. Phelps!

Kathleen Klimo

I met with Dr. Phelps for assessment of my drooping eyelids and brows. He is kind, empathetic and very understanding. I felt very comfortable with him and confident in his surgical expertise. Dr. Phelps explained the surgical corrections, recovery time and potential complications thoroughly to me. After undergoing testing I scheduled my procedures.
I experienced mild discomfort afterwards for a day or two that was controlled with acetaminophen. I was surprised by the lack of pain as I had expected to be rather uncomfortable.
As the bruising and swelling resolves I am delighted to see the results! I no longer have to hold up my eyebrows to lift my lids out of the way. The incisions are barely visible after only one week, and I am just thrilled with how much better I look and feel about my appearance.
Thank you Dr. Phelps for improving my daily life!!

Marcia Fritz

So thankful for Dr Phelps & his staff. The level of professionalism & the care I received were remarkable. Look no further. This is your guy!

Franklin Cover

Dr Phelps could not have done a better job on my surgery! From my first appointment, to my last one today, the care from every last person was the best it could be. Every single nurse was always professional, careful, and fun to talk to. Dr. Phelps is a top surgeon, and I feel if he did not perform the surgery, it would not look as perfect as it does now. He is also a cool dude! Thank you again Dr. Phelps!


Dr. Phelps is such a great doctor. He is personable, efficient, and has not only great service and skills but great bedside manner. I love this doctor. He is thorough and explains in detail that you can understand. I am a nurse and love how he explains to my mom in ways she can understand.

My mom Irene had eye surgery because her eye was larger due to Graves disease on one side and he did a job. He is great.

We highly recommend him

Gale Paradise

Everything about the entire experience of my eye surgery was top notch from start to finish. Dr. Phelps and his team were focused on making the necessary adjustments as painless as possible while making me feel as comfortable as possible. I would recommend him and his team to everyone!!

Debra Kurtz

Dr Phelps achieved amazing results with my upper and lower eyelid lift. Friends and colleagues think I've lost weight, look vibrant, and no one can tell I had surgery. He also exceeded my expectations in his thoroughness and kindness during my follow-up care. I continue to see him for other medical and cosmetic procedures with great results. Now my dermatologist is recommending him to her patients.

Joel Hodes

Dr. Phelps is the consummate physician and surgeon in my opinion.  I consulted with him because my peripheral vision was decreasing over the years due to sagging eyelids.  While it took quite a while to get an appointment with him due the pandemic, it was well worth the wait.

He and his team examined me carefully and evaluated the extent of the problem.  A bilateral blepharoplasty was recommended to remedy the condition.  Dr. Phelps explained the surgical procedure and the postoperative care that would be necessary.  As important as the surgery itself, the team explained that the amount of loss of peripheral vision was great enough that the procedure should be covered by my insurance plan.  His support team made sure that the insurance company approved the procedure well before the scheduled date of the surgery.

The care that I received on the day of the surgery was amazing.  Every member of the surgical and patient care team was focused on my well-being and made sure that I understood everything that was happening and why they were doing it.  The Northshore University system is one of the best in the country and every staff member is so caring and attentive to their patients’ needs and concerns.

Post-surgery:  The morning after the surgery, Dr. Phelps called me directly to see how I was feeling and if I had any questions or concerns.  This truly demonstrated his focus on his patients and concern for them.  I have not had many surgeons call me directly after a procedure to check on me.  Later in the week, I wrote a note to his team because I was concerned about a setback in my recovery.  They responded to me very quickly and addressed my concerns well.  During my post-op appointment, the team showed the same care and understanding, explaining how the recovery will continue and answering all my questions fully and clearly.

I cannot recommend Dr. Phelps highly enough.  I am completely satisfied with the results of the surgery and the care team.  If you are considering any plastic surgery procedure of the eye, Dr. Phelps should be your first and only choice.

Kim Glisson

Dr. Phelps was great! He made me feel comfortable with sharing my concerns. And, he made me feel comfortable before, during and after my procedure. I would definitely recommend him to friends and family.

David J Morton

Dr. Phelps is a particularly kind person exhibiting the utmost excellence in his care for eye related matters and deep technical and medical abilities. If you are in need of his service, I'm confident from personal experience he will not disappoint. Highly recommended.

James Reid

I had ptosis in my left eyelid. For a while I had avoided gatherings and refused to take pictures. Driving was difficult as my vision was shadowing. From the very first consultation, Dr. Phelps’ calm, professional demeanor and his obvious level of expertise with my issue put me at ease and confirmed that I was in good hands and had chosen the right doctor. Not only is this doctor brilliant at what he does, he’s really listening to you. For instance, I had forgotten that I mentioned I requested the Beatles music during a stressful MRI. So, I was in awe in the operating room as Dr. Phelps greeted me with, “Hey Kristy, how about some Beatles! Ya know, here comes the sun...”. Now that’s class! I drove 2 hours each way to see Dr. Phelps and It was completely worth it. The surgery was flawless and not only did it correct the issue with my eyelid, but it did so without any pain or bruising. Thank you so much Dr. Phelps for taking such good care of me and helping me get my confidence back.

Shannon J

Dr. Phelps and his team were wonderful from first time meeting him and then again on the day of the chalazion surgery. The surgery went smoothly and I couldn’t be more grateful for him and his team. I would recommend anyone to him.

Katherine Peterson

Dr. Phelps and staff are really excellent. He takes time to listen thoughtfully and make suggestions about your care. Both he and his office and surgical staff are patient, empathic and take time to answer your questions as well as provide clear details. I am really pleased with the results of my surgery as well as the care I received pre-, post and during surgery, in spite of the covid pandemic.

Julie Hostetler

Dr. Paul Phelps has been my go to doctor for fine lines. I have been receiving Botox treatments from him consistently over the last 3 years. He does a great job making the fine lines disappear while maintaining a natural look. He always follows up and makes sure I am satisfied with the results of my treatments. I had my first set of chemical peels and was very happy with how my sunspots were taken care of. I highly recommend Dr. Phelps.

Debbie Diamond

I highly recommend Dr. Paul Phelps. He is an amazing professional and a truly gifted surgeon. He asks the right questions and is thorough in answering all of yours. He spends quality time with each patient and totally puts your mind at ease. He repaired the ptosis in my right eye and I am so excited about the fantastic results!

Tella Sapada

Dr. Phelps finally got rid of this chalazion mass that was on my eye lid for 8 months! Another doctor did injections 3x and surgery twice but could not remove it. I finally went to a different eye center with Dr. Zeifert. They were amazingly helpful with treating my then infected eye, post surgeries with previous doctor, and whom sent the referral for Dr. Phelps.
My eye finally looks normal again and it all happened so fast with just 1 surgery.
Cannot thank you enough Dr. Phelps!

Joe Morrison

From my initial evaluation through my post op visit, Dr. Phelps displayed genuine concern for my condition and did an amazing job with the surgery he performed on my eyes. I could not be happier. He is Easy to talk with, and is obviously an expert in his field. I am so delighted I was referred to him.
Julie Morrison

Ashley Bacarella

Dr. Phelps removed a mole on my face that has bothered me since childhood. It healed without any scarring. He put in a few stitches in that dissolved on their own, so no painful suture removal! I'm so happy with the results! He had a nice bedside manner and explained everything to me. Would definitely recommend him to my friends and family!

Steven Sams

I had a great experience being treated by Dr. Phelps, both at the diagnostic phase, and the procedural stage. His entire team was terrific, and made the process as pleasant and problem free as possible. I highly recommend Dr. Phelps, Melissa Flores, and everyone on the team.

creative nature

I had eye lid lift . The outcome was fabulous. It improved my sight tremendously. His team was great from start to finish. They were very responsive to all my concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Phelps for this procedure.

Sofia Goldshteyn

I just had a surgery about one week ago,, Dr Phelps did a super wonderful job on my eyes. He is an expert in that field. I highly recommend Dr Phelps as caring doctor with golden hands. Thank you, Doctor.

K Leevis

I recently came through a triumphant orbital surgery at the fine Highland Park Hospital. Along the course, from first consultation to the present surgical follow-up, Dr. Phelps's skill, expertise, masterful directives and understanding provided for a stunningly smooth and precise procedure that meant all the world to me.

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