Chicago Oculofacial Plastic Surgery offers patients expertise in Blepharoplasty (pronounced BLEF-uh-roe-plas-tee)

What is the value of a first impression? The first place we look is into the eyes of whoever we are interacting with. Your eyes display emotional states to the world. They also show signs of aging or betray a poor night’s sleep. Sagging tissue of the upper eyelid, fine lines of the outer eyelid, and bags under the eyes that can make a person look tired, unhealthy, frail, and older. To turn back the clock, Chicago Oculofacial Plastic Surgery offers patients blepharoplasty surgery (also known as eyelid lift surgery, or eye bag surgery ). Many patients comment that they look refreshed and get positive feedback from friends and family after having eyelid surgery. Upper and lower lid blepharoplasty procedures address the excess skin, prolapse of fat bags, and other conditions of the eyelids. Blepharoplasty may improve the appearance of your eyes and help you look less tired and more youthful. It may also improve a heaviness some patients feel around their eyes. What is the improved confidence many experience after blepharoplasty worth to you?

Board-Certified Oculofacial Plastic Surgeons are super subspecialists in complex reconstructive surgery of the eyelids and face. Amongst their peers in Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery (Facial Plastic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, and Dermatologists) Oculofacial Plastic Surgeons (or Oculoplastic Surgeons) have preliminary training in Ophthalmology and therefore take your eye health and safety as their primary concern. Subsequent fellowship training involves 2 years of apprenticeship followed by oral and written board exams required to join the Oculofacial Society. Dr. Phelps is an examiner for this prestigious group of super subspecialists who are best suited to perform your blepharoplasty safely and with the highest quality outcomes.

Four Lid blepharoplasty Before
Four Lid blepharoplasty After
Upper Blepharoplasty Before
Upper Blepharoplasty After
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